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  NeiXingXianHe. paper industry Limited company is the Manchurian crane group in Henan the township investment major issue, the project total investment 3,500,000,000 Yuan, divides three phase of constructions to complete. The Manchurian crane group in Shanghai, the Zhejiang Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chu chou, Jiangxi has many sole ownership and the Chinese-foreign joint venture, is engaged in product and so on papermaking, high new material, chemical industry productions and the trade: Is situated at the Zhejiang Chu chou's Zhejiang Manchurian crane special paper Limited company is produces the upscale paper large-scale papermaking enterprise, reaches 2006 Forbes China most to have potential 100 small and medium-sized enterprise announcement 22nd, is in the national special paper profession commands troops the status, the strength to be abundant, the product popularity is high. In the township is situated at the area south of Yellow River center, has the rich wheat straw, Long Xucao and the fast-growing poplar tree resources, the development papermaking industry has the advantageous superiority. The Manchurian crane group uses the domestic origination to have nothing the chlorine blanching pulping craft, utilizes the first-class technology, the first-class equipment, specially in environmental protection and prevention and control of pollution high beginning, high standard, strict request, takes the circulation economic development path, the sewage treatment obtains the province, the city, the county Environmental protection department's consistent approval, the papermaking profession is in the leading position in the province. In a township Manchurian crane paper industry Limited company phase of project invests 600,000,000 Yuan, completes the production in June, 2008, the shape pulpes grown-up 50,000 tons, the annual production special paper, the upscale culture uses the paper 100,000 tons scales. The company has gone into production the product includes: TCF has nothing the chlorine blanching wheat straw pulp, Long Xucao to dissolve the thick liquid, the aluminum foil card middle, the bible paper, the dictionary paper, the shift calico paper, the decoration original, the non-carbon duplication original, the upscale double gummed paper, light Tu Zhi, the stainless steel card middle and so on. The dragon must the straw pulp use the non-pollution to have nothing the chlorine blanching pulping technology, suited the processing is the food additive, this product may widely use in food and the medicine profession, the product batch has exported Europe. In the township Manchurian crane paper industry Limited company uses 4 to 5 year, completes three phase of project constructions, at the appointed time pulpes grown-up the shape in 300,000 tons, the year production the upscale culture with the paper 500,000 tons scales, marches into the mid-west area biggest scale truly the wheat straw, Long Xucao and Lin Jiangzhi the integration papermaking enterprise.